Marketing Design, Animation




2022 - 2023

One of the roles of the Design team at Frontrunner was to aid the Community Manager in creating social posts and videos to keep the community engaged with the product and aware of upcoming features and initiatives. I created social posts for Instagram and Twitter, banners for Frontrunner's social media accounts, and animated videos for social.

Mobile Release Video

We needed a social video to announce the release of the mobile app. I created a video using Adobe After Effects to show Frontrunner's mobile app in a dynamic fashion, which was viewed over 21,000 times. 

Frontrunner Year in Review Video

The goal of this campaign was to create some engagement and hype about our year as a company at the end of 2022. We put this campaign out as Spotify Wrapped was also coming out, as it was a trend for companies to be doing their own Year in Review.

mockups of web designs mockups of web designs mockups of web designs