Web Design






Springboard is a tech focused online learning platform based in San Francisco. Springboard was looking to redesign their information hub and brought me on to create the web designs. I worked with Springboard to build a new web design that combines the Library and Blog sections of their website. Springboard had also just received rebranding materials from an agency, and this redesign was to be the first element of their website shifting to the new brand.


Working with a team of 5 people, including Springboard’s in-house designer and the developer they brought on for the project, I created a new design for their blog that focused on usability and a logical separation of articles.

Part of this project that I particularly enjoyed was creating “ads” for Springboard that would be inserted throughout the blog.These ads, which each contained a specific CTA, adhered to the branding and gave the opportunity to break up the sections while increasing the conversions of users on the blog.

A challenge we faced in the process came during development, when we realized the current site’s menu had to be used on the blog with no changes. This meant that there needed to be two separate menus, which was fine for desktop but was awkward in the tablet/mobile size due to the smaller space. So, I went back and devised a solution for the tablet and mobile versions of the design with a separate dropdown menu that still felt cohesive.

mockups of web designs mockups of web designs mockups of web designs