Presentation Design





The Problem

Frontrunner’s investor deck needed to be updated to reflect three things- the company’s new branding, updates to the content in the deck, and updates to the product UI.  

The Solution

We designed a deck based on a 6 column grid, with layouts that could also function as a template for internal or external presentations. This deck design also added a lot to the brand guidelines, as we continued to work on the presentation we found more visual rules that worked for the brand. One of these discoveries was finding what type of photography we wanted to incorporate that worked with the brand, and starting a photography library. 

The Challenges

When we started the project, we had no limit on the number of slides. At the end of the project, we were asked to cut the slides down to 17 from 40. This was an interesting process, as we took out everything that wasn’t strictly necessary in the presentation but lended to the storytelling and imagery, we also found some nice condensed layouts that were very useful to add to the company presentation template. 

The Impact

This presentation deck was used by the CEO of the company in all his pitches to investors, and we received feedback that investors “loved the new branding.” The new deck is used internally at Frontrunner as a template for presentations, which gives a sense of cohesion to the company’s internal processes.

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