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In The Room




In The Room started out as a question during 2019 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic - how do we experience live music in this time when we can’t be physically in the same room? Our founder thought of the idea, why don’t we see if we can set up a video call with an artist to hear them do a one-on-one  live stream where they can see us too. Our team started reaching out to Indie music artists via Instagram and began putting on shows. The concept was so rewarding, we decided we needed to try and share it- and In The Room was born!


I was brought on to the team to build the visuals and personality of the brand. Our first asset was our logo, which I designed in Illustrator. We wanted to incorporate something that signified music, so we chose the visual of the record. Simplicity was important to the team, so the logo is simple and easy to scale up or down.

I also created our website and built it using Wordpress. Over the past year (and many iterations!) I have worked with our team to create our current site, which incorporates illustrations with our brand to give off the fun, music-centric vibe of the company.

Part of In The Room’s brand package includes a presentation template with versions for Powerpoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. We wanted to create templates in all programs for accessibility as the team grows.

View the In The Room presentation template on Google Slides

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